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National Archaeological Museum

        The most important in northern Italy for the wealth of documents from the Roman era. Among the most valuable are:

        • funerary portraits and the collection of fees in different karst stone and marble
        • the collection of gems and amber carved exceptionally large number of pieces and the quality of the carvings
        • the collection of glass, wonderful for colors, shapes, transparency, iridescence;
        • figured polychrome mosaics from the mansions of the late Republican
          funerary monuments often figured (urns, stelae, altars, tombstones, sarcophagi, tombs) that offer a lot of interesting news on the daily life of the time.

          Museum of Early Christian Monastery

          Full houses the remains of a large building of the Church of the fourth and fifth centuries, collects the Christian funerary inscriptions and fine mosaics unearthed during the excavations.

          Museum of the Patriarchate

          Preserve precious metal or wood reliquaries, a splendid example of sculpture on marble slab Constantinople (VI cent.), And even inscriptions, texts and sacred parameters.